The best way to learn about something is to experience it, and this is exactly why high school students are the absolute experts on their respective schools. Rising high school juniors have spent the last two years learning every aspect of their school. In other words, they know their schools inside and out!  As a parent of a student about to embark on their high school journey, ask yourself this simple question. How much do you and your child really know about the school where your child is about to spend the next four years? Most parents and incoming students know the basic facts like the class size, important dates, and school mascot, but do you know the inside scoop?

Do you know what type of food they serve?

What clubs are available to students?

What the school schedule will be like?

What  the sport coaches are like?

Which are the best study strategies for individual classes?

Which AP classes are the hardest and does taking them really matter?

How the GPA system works?

If you find yourself answering “no” to any of these questions then this program will benefit you and your child immensely. Our staff members are ready to give their client’s advice on what high school is all about and help them have a smooth transition into their new school.


Are you ready to learn “The Inside Scoop?”


Indianapolis, IN

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