Making the High School transition as smooth as possible.

The Inside Scoop: High School Mentoring is a program that helps make the transition from middle school into high school as smooth as possible. If your child is a rising freshman or sophomore, we achieve this easy transition by letting you and your child select one of our staff members, a rising Junior at the school your child will be attending, and have them advise your child on how to be successful in high school. If your child is a rising 7th or 8th grader, we achieve this by letting you and your child select one of our staff members to meet with your child and tell them what their school is like from a student's perspective. Meetings will be one-on-one, and our staff members will tell you everything they have learned from attending their school for two years. Through this program your child will gain a role model and friend for their high school career, along with the inside scoop on their soon-to-be school. The Inside Scoop will help alleviate any worries or fears incoming students may have.

$40 per session


Indianapolis, IN

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